Thursday, July 18, 2013

Do You Really Know How Much?

I asked myself, "Why does God love me so much anyways?"
Because He made me, then He saved me. I'm His. I'm completely His. That's why He loves me. Because I belong to Him. Because HE made me. He loves us so much.

Take the depths of the deepest ocean and go deeper
Take the top of the tallest tower and go higher
Take the best day that you've ever had
Try to imagine better than that
And it still don't compare
To how much you are loved

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Musical Confession

I spend $10 a week on music. It's usually enough for one album on iTunes or about six songs. I get really excited. I LOVE buying music. I love it so much I actually overdrew my bank account. Twice.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Need My Lord

It's kind of wonderful to sit and cry because you desire God. Thinking about how I get to actually see Him someday is just such a wonderful feeling. But it honestly kind of breaks my heart at the same time, because I want to be with Him so much right now.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe we'll never feel completely whole on this earth. I've been saved and sanctified, and I love my Jesus, but I wonder if maybe the complete, 100% whole feeling doesn't come until we get to Heaven. Until we finally get to see our wonderful Lord.

I'm content and willing to do His work while I'm on this earth, just as I'm supposed to. But man, I can't wait to see Him. Weather it be because I go to the grave, or because He finally comes back for the saints of God. I can't wait to be with my Jesus.