Sunday, December 22, 2013


Christians like to focus on being "fearless". But what does that even mean? Why do they want to be fearless? I've always wanted to be fearless, but I think I'm just realizing what it really means.

It means exactly what you think it does. It means you fear nothing. The bible says not to fear, for the Lord is with you, and that's why. When you get to the point in your walk with God where you trust in Him completely, you won't be afraid of anything, because God is stronger than everything. I think that this topic is so obvious it's easy to overlook the meaning..

It's like a toaster. You can go your whole life saying it's a toaster, but then one day you just say "HEY! It's a TOASTER. It TOASTS STUFF!!" (I do stuff like that hahaha). I hope we never overlook anything in our Christian walk(:

I wrote a story. First draft. Gonna work on it and put it up eventually.

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